Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look How We've Grown

Last Tuesday was Elsie's Spring Production at Holy Cross Preschool! It had a "catepillar into a butterfly" theme and it was positively adorable! Elsie was the sunshine and her big solo song was "You are My Sunshine" which she sang exactly in tune and brought down the house! All the children were terrific. It is amazing what these four teachers can get 30 preschoolers to do! Can't wait for next year's play!

This was Mummy saying "smile Elsie"...she happily obliged! LOL

This was a long stretch of the play that she and a bunch of other children were not involved in....can you tell she was getting tired and bored??? Priceless! LOL

Leading the chorus!

Receiving her "diploma!" She was so excited!!!

This was her hair that we did for her big play, complete with butterfly one even got to see it cause of her sunshine hat, but it was sure cute!

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