Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Good Sport

Yes, I know I am behind on posts again, but things have been a little zaney around here! Anyway, couldn't resist posting these pics of David, the best Daddy I know, and Elsie passing the time one of these recent rainy days! Elsie decided that she wanted to paint Daddy's toes to match her toes that I had done te day before! LOL What a good sport he was....about half way through the (very messy) process, David said to me "this is going to take forever to get off," to which I calmly replied that I was comletely out of polish remover!!!! This was, of course, a lie but the look on his face was one of those priceless moments! LOL Needless to say Elsie was very proud of her work.


Kenimer Kids said...

PRICELESS!!!! That is a good black mail photo!!! (don't worry, I wont tell Wayne that David not only let Elsie paint his toes, but that they were painted the FORBIDDEN PINK!!!) Love it!

Fulton Quads said...

I LOVE it too! David is a saint! I do not think Michael will EVER let his girls paint his toes unless we tackle & hog tie him! I remember when I was YOUNG my brother let me put make up on him. I wanted to practice! It was the one & only time! I took his picture with a polaroid! He cut that picture up into a MILLION pieces! Oh your post brought those memories back like it was yesterday! LOL!
Love, Cathy & her quads