Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swim Team

This is Elsie's brand new swim team suit and cap! When I first took her to observe the swim team program, she noticed that her suit was not like the other "racing suits" and she said she needed a "swimming hat." I go to Sport's Authority for both. She was thrilled when I can home with them and wore them around the house all that day. Today was day 2 of swim team and the emsemble still holds the same magic! LOL The video is from today's practice. Elsie is in the middle of the screen when it begins to play! She is the littlest one in the group and she is terrific!

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Pepper Blossom said...

that is so neat april! what a cutie. can't believe she is old enough to join a swim team. how fun. hope you had a great day by yourself and some much needed r and r.