Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big One

We have a new addition to our back yard landscaping.....a "pond"....actually a large tupperware storage container filled with water from our swimming pool, one bucket at a time! Elsie then proceeded to go up and down the stairs to the bathtub recruiting all of the "tubby toys" that could live in her pond...the frog, the turtle, the duck and the"I need a fishing pole!" She ran toward the forbidden shed and then stopped short...such a good girl! Daddy to the rescue! He emerged from the forbidden shed with a fishing pole and Elsie proceeded to stand on the "banks of her pond" and "fish" for about 45 mins! Soooooo adorable!
This time it was Mummy to the rescue....I tied a big orange fish named Dorothy (yes, from Elmo) onto the end of her line. "Look Mummy, I got a Big One!"
Oh, the imagination of a child.

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