Thursday, January 29, 2009

South FL Fair

We spent today at the annual South Florida Fair and what a blast we had! Elsie rode on EVERY ride and wanted more! Yes, this is her up there in that Ferris Wheel with Daddy. She kept asking all day to go on it and I finally let her....she went on it twice!

This is the gondola that goes the whole length of the fair grounds....she rode that twice too! I was scared, she was hanging over the edge waving at Daddy below! This pic is the second time she rode it...I made her take Daddy the second time! LOL

The classic and ever popular bumer boats!

Elsie and Mummy on the Swing ride. This one I loved...went on it twice! Wheeeeee

Daddy in the taxi car..."not allowed to drive Daddy, just ride!" Beep Beep!
This hot air baloon ride went up and down and spun around...she loved this one too and wanted to go on it "by myself!"
This was one of the highlights of the day....riding on the pony. We did this twice too! She kept yelling "giddy up pony...faster!" The attendant was cracking up

This was taken in the "Moo-ternity" tent. This cow was about 8 hours old.

Feeding the livestock.....her favorite were the goats, but this big cow was a close second.

The babies at the fair.....they stopped traffic wherever we went.

We all left the fair feeling about like this!....What a great day.

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